Other Players in the Field

Non-exhaustive listing, though we do try to put everyone we've encountered here. Holler if we missed something!


Fundraising Templates

Cap Tables


Industry-specific Solutions

Document Generation & Assembly



(usually for law firms and in-house counsel)


Libraries & Repositories


Clause libraries

Github Repositories

For Lawyers and/or In-house Counsel

Practice Management


  • ContractRoom
  • SimplyAgree focuses on signature and closing
  • Synergist is a contract negotiation platform with easily tunable knobs
  • Parley Pro negotiate better contracts faster
  • The Doc Yard is a polished app for lawyers to address the pain point of deal negotiation and closing

Run-time Monitoring

  • Intraspexion is an early warning system for employment litigation

Contract Life Cycle Management


Document Review

Due Diligence


Lawyers getting in on the game

Some more innovative / technical / interesting than others, obviously.

Borrowing from social science, these apply computational data-science techniques to the legal world.

Smart Contract Implementation

Smart Statutes / Digital Legislation

Contract Formalisation & Natural Language Generation

A.I. & Natural Language Processing

Reliable natural language processing is a vastly harder problem than domain-specific-languages, compilers, and natural language generation, but we wish them the best. Should they be successful, drafting contracts which meet their AI's approval will be straight-forward because we can run the contracts through the AI ourselves.

Support Services

Other Interesting Things


(we're certainly not the first to have come up with a deadpool, but these folks talked about it after us and it's at once hilarious, illuminating, and wonderful! Check out: @butnickdavis piece for ROSS Intelligence and @alexrkonrad's tweet)

To be clear, we're not entirely sure if these guys are defunct or just have broken websites. If we made a mistake, we do apologise. Let us know and we'll reinstate you up there!

  • JustInvesting wanted to move investing online
  • Restatement by Jason Boehmig, Tim Hwang, and Paul Sawaya
  • (India & US) used to do incorporations and fundings, now they do investment tracking
  • LegalHub wanted to output documents into both human-readable (PDF, .doc) and machine-readable (JSON, XML) forms
  • Caserails
  • Lawyerfy used to do case management
  • OxLegal was a startup from Oxford University's accelerator that wanted to reduce the time lawyers spent on work
  • LawEdge
  • Legal.CF.SG wanted to provide free and open source templates to cofounders in Singapore
  • DocStoc
  • LawKick wanted to help you find the right lawyers at the right price
  • wanted to give us plain language, annotated standard legal documents
  • Lawpolis wanted to build a collaborative community for lawyers
  • IPStreet
  • Legify
  • Kagu did business immigration help
  • QuickLegal provided on-demand legal advice and won the Techweek California App of the Year for 2014
  • Upcounsel used to be a marketplace for legal services